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18-Oct-2017 02:57

Jennifer Lawrence’s “Mother,” who’s obsessed with keeping her house together, is a stand-in for “Mother Earth” — a.k.a. the patron saint of Shailene Woodley — while Javier Bardem, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Ed Harris are the humans who use, abuse, and defile her creations. — but there’s an overwhelming amount of force behind it.

How else to describe the moment when Mother gets fed up at the end of the movie and lights the house on fire, other than as a bit of accelerated global warming?

Bardem’s Poet, however, can only create through other means — i.e., poetry.

He screams at her that he is “trying to bring life into this house.” Also, he has trouble getting it up, which feels like laying it on a little thick.

Exported to Switzerland brand new and has just returned to the UK 67 years later.

Restored some years ago with photographs .....1986 Austin Mini Mayfair Automatic. This Mini was owned by the same family from new until 2015 and 1 lady since.

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Jennifer Lawrence is clearly his mom, who tears out her heart to give him life. is about being a woman: As Michelle Pfeiffer (helpfully credited as “Woman”) tells Mother, “You give and you give and you give,” and when you resist, everyone yells gendered epithets at you, knocks down your (unbraced) sinks, and steals your babies.” is about fame: The Poet loves getting attention from his fans and can’t stop himself from inviting them into his house, despite the fact that they keep destroying both it and his relationship in the process.

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