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28-Jul-2017 12:04

Reservations can be made through the school’s website here.School information Otome Juku / 乙女塾 Address: Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku.Continuing students also get access to one video cat counseling session per month.

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The Makeup Lesson, meanwhile, teaches students how to apply cosmetics for a feminine effect, even if they have a physically male frame and facial structure.He was born like that and he wants to dress up as a woman. He is just different.’Growing up, Julie dedicated herself to helping her parents around the house, taking on the role of dutiful daughter.But not just dress up, he lives the life of a woman – he has the eyelashes, eyebrows, has make-up done and wears a bra. It is a respected part of the fa’afafine tradition and Julie has accepted it gladly.‘I cook for them, I tidy, I iron their clothes.Some of Julie’s friends have embarked on surgery to become more feminine and to formally change genders.

Julie has not so far made this decision, but has not ruled it out.

Julie grew up knowing she was different in a well-respected family.

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