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09-Oct-2017 13:53

....hoping you will read this message....i am one of your biggest fan here in the philippines....i adore you since i watched "youre beautiful" and i also like your band "CNBLUE"...i really love to hear your cool voice and are you a calm person in real life? i frequently sing some of your songs even though i dont understand the lyrics especially "youve fallen for me and because i miss you"..mother always scold me when she hear me singing korean lyrics... i am really a HUGE fan of urs,generally i express my feelings properly but i m really short of words for u , i just an say that i wish and pray that u hv a successful career whether in the form of singer (band),actor or entertainer bcoz u r amazing, u get all the happiness,prosperity,health and wealth , u get ur love and last but not the least i really want to meet u some day , i know u r bad at remembering things but for me that will be the most memorable memory ..... thats why i always listening to your music and dreaming that i meet you someday .. I used to love soft pop korean songs and did't like rock songs, but because of him I love rock songs, of course especially CNBLUE's songs. please take care and I will wait for your Drama or movie.. you r sooooo.......talented yong hwa(god-gifted) .. I have watched so many mv's of u and CNBLUE, In each every song u perform sooooo well.... even though i'm a guy just like u , I really, really like u!! for now i am watching" the package"..haha,youre such a good kisser in here..to see you in person :) When a friend of mine got me to get Netflix, I watched for the first time Korean episodes of “You’re Beautiful”. that my wish i want to see you in person im going crazy because of you .. His voice is really nice to hear and his band' songs and musics are so good. hope you grow well in whatever your future undertakings... plz- park shin hye and jung joung hwa work together in dramas! but I desperately wants to see u performing live over my country, in Russia. it's your talents talents shine u brighter 2 the brightest. I love listening to you sing and love you just the way you are..I know you from the dramas and the episodes of reality tv you were on, you seem like an amazing guy and I wish I could meet you, well Annyeo, and i'm looking forward to your new songs and any new dramas you might be in, Jung Yong Hwa ssi please dont ever have a plastic surgery. I Love You Jung Yong Hwa I am a huge fan of yours, from your roles as Shin Woo (when i first fell for you) and Lee Sin when my love only grew to your music. I was so stung to see this beautiful handsome MAN named “Jeong Yong-Hwa”, that my hearted started to thump faster and faster-I was in awh. I wish i could see you face to face,,#Daydreaming,hahhaha Hope you will continue to act in many dramas, so that i can see a talented person and a handsome face on you, Yong Hwa.. :) has been liked you ever since you appeared in the earlier episodes of Running Man ... your acting has gotten much better now compared to when you started out ... I firstly watched heartstrings and then I watched all of ur dramas ! please try 2 conduct a world tour again and include Russia ..[I hope u would see this] saranghe p.s. But in the drama He's beautiful I was so sad that u were not the main role . I am adopted from Korea by American couple who was stationed in South Korea because he (“adopted father”) was in the Airforce; and that’s how I ended up living in America. I like your singing action in heartstrings and I like your personality very much ur so handsome good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you really know how to express your actions and you look like you are about to cry everytime or you look high pike you are on drugs try usng makeup to cover up your eyebags if you can relax with cucumbers on them so yea you are a fantasy in most teens lives be a good influence and lead the path right Hey i am from India...i came to know about u when i was watching korean historical drama" jewel in the palace"....i was searching for some love story based drama then i saw that heartstrings was on top position...ur heartstrings series n became ur fan..then i have started watching ur albums...u rock:-)..acting also superb.music composition also awesome..though i dont know ur language....songs composed by u rocks.......music direction also...awesome:-Dall the best for ur future :-)u rock:-) i really love you when you first act in he's beautiful...i don't know...i just like you...you gonna act again...i felt very excited.. it should rightfully belong to u not that bastard jang geun suk. you have the brightest charisma , I've seen in a guy... I put jung yong hwa,s picture in my bedroom & I love he for ever, I can do every thing for he, I can die for he.i think that yong hwa need more than seohyun. please send it to my imail([email protected])([email protected])(n.rahimi131002hotmail.com) ANNYEONGHASEYO!!!!!!!! me and my sister downloaded ur songs and even concerts.. i I love jung yong hwa &I think seohyun is very augly & I hope that she never love yong hwa & she want he just for money.

LOVE U , SHINCHA NOMU NOMU SARANGHE, CHUAYEA, just fyi, Yonghwa offered several dramas and film. And he isn't married yet (lol who's spread that info), even plan to married at 40 y.o. also i can say your a good actor Jung Yong Hwa I luv U oppa.. Jung Yong Hwa my ambition is i want to see U face to face only ones in my lyf tym.. i fallen in love with you not because you are a star, but you have gentle heart i got to find...you can be my life partner and i am sure that one day we will meet and will be together.... Your an awesome guy that everyone might wish to meet and I'm one of them. I hope that someday you will be paired again with Park Shin Hye in a drama. I love your chemistry between you and Park Shin Hye. Jung Yong Hwa is a all-rounded entertainer in the media industry. He has chosen roles that appeal to us overseas audience. I'm one of your fans who fell in love with your majestic voice, great personality, amazing talent, and triumphant beauty. in heartstrings he was perfect , so love how he act in it .. Yong- Sarang i may not there when you get started but i promise to stay with you 'till the end..you've said if we could meet again after 30 yrs, 50 yrs...100yrs and even 500 yrs..will but we all both know (u & CNBLUE & The BOICEs) that it's not possible but the song you played... keep it up and please come with a concert to Pakistan. i was surely know that you are really a quite person.........

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you know when i watch the hes beautiful behind the scene....... One of your fans said that you look like ji hoo in Boys over Flowers.i agree.you related?

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