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09-Sep-2017 00:23

Direct Chat Pro Chat Heads 1.3.4 Full APK enables you to make Chat Heads for any application or courier.

It deals with all your discussion in one place to help you to have an advantageous discussion without intruding on your present undertaking to such an extent that you can read and answer to all messages while never coming on the web.

[100257] Fixed: ballistics Computer uses wrong velocity ( [99685] Changed: Default settings changed to required Secure Id=1 ( [99408] Changed: AI network objects now fully initialized before running init scripts (to fix [99331] Fixed: artillery computer is not affected by zeroing [99184] New: can use local Client[]=; to indicate clients with unlimited bandwidth ( [99112] Optimized: Servers with many players (20) should run faster. number of concurrent players on a hosted server increased to 16 (was 8 until now).

[98939] Fixed: Linux Date format wrong ( [98866] Fixed: duplicated items in dead bodies ( [98342] Fixed: AI did not enter some corner covers at all, or entered it from a wrong direction [98219] Improved: AI now smarter when selecting attack position, it should no more plan attacks from very close ( [98137] Changed: AI soldiers now glancing at their targets more frequently while moving in combat.

[98135] Fixed: AI sometimes running back and forth when attacking ( [98088] Improved: AI AT units selecting better position when attacking ( [98041] Fixed: Server crash when trying to delete remote non player group AI on a client ( [98020] Fixed: Fast missiles not visible ( [97990] Improved: Rendering distance of the airborne helicopter is now the same as of the airborne plane ( [97982] Improved: When engaging a vehicle with multiple vulnerable crew members, the most suitable one is selected now.

[97970] Fixed: AI sometimes unable target the crew or large vehicles, esp.

[96755] Changed: Isolated unofficial Day Z variants (like Lingor) into a separate mission type to prevent Arma server browser pollution.

Also to help players overcome difficulties we have added a number of articles for each game to our FAQ (link) and as always our technical support staff is ready to help via .

[96493] Fixed: MP - Gunner firing broken (blank ammo) when human pilot activates manual fire before the human gunner enters.

[96488] Fixed: Deactivated satchel charge not picked up even if you had 2 empty slots [96476] Fixed: Kamov was unable to engage with rockets [95939] Fixed: Vehicle interior sometimes disappearing briefly. [95691] Changed: build Required is now limited by the server version, server can never require a higher version than its own.

As you may have heard, Game Spy is discontinuing its services and it was therefore of paramount importance to offer an alternative for the passionate Operation Arrowhead players who have supported our game and our company for so many years.

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Due to the fact that Steam based matchmaking requires Steam to work, this update is only available through Steam.

[108074] Fixed: Patch installation problems on Windows XP [104648] Fix: Initialization of backpack in vehicles in MP [103718] Fixed: AI no longer fires on targets it does not see, only is reported by other group members.

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