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The Indira government suspended fundamental rights such as freedom of speech and expression and put in jail its critics. In the elections that followed, she was swept out of office. Modi evokes the same kind of awe and fear that Indira did. 22 Special report; A young lot of legal professionals is changing the rules of the game 32 Interview; Rahul Gandhi is prepared to take over as Congress president, says Jairam Ramesh 34 Current events; CBl accuses GJM leadership of involvement in Madan Tamang murder 38 Diplomacy; Modi unlikely to take up Teesta water sharing issue during Bangladesh visit 41 Health scare; The noodles scandal brings to light the lack of food safety standards in India 82 Starter's bloc; Teacher Ni, an online resource of textbooks and simplified notes 87 (a)leisure; Amitav Ghosh on the ten-year journey he undertook for the Ibis trilogy Plus • It was an exercise in self-preservation: L. Advani • I had not expected an arrest warrant: Kuldip Nayar • I justified the unjustifiable: K. Then why does he come up with such a strange argument? Sunil Thomas (Delhi), Anupam Dasgupta (Mumbai), Ajay Uprety (Lucknow), Deepak Tiwari (Bhopal), Kallol Bhattacherjee, Shutapa Paul (Delhi), Prathima Nandakumar (Bengaluru), Soni Mishra, Mukesh Ranjan (Delhi) Principal Correspondents: Nandini Gunavantrai Oza (Ahmedabad), Lalita Iyer (Hyderabad), Niranjan Takle, Rachna Tyagi (Mumbai), Soumik Dey (Delhi), Lakshmi Subramanian (Chennai), Shalini Singh, Gunjan Sharma, Ajit Kumar Dubey (Delhi), Rabi Banerjee (Kolkata) Senior Correspondents: Mini P. Defying death together, it seems, brought them closer.

Natwar Singh • Peculiar things happened: Gulzar • Jails became war rooms: Sharad Yadav • A permanent scar on India's soul: Rajindar Sachar COVER DESIGN: AJAY PINGLE; PHOTO: AP • The washermen saved me: D. Tripathi • It was about legitimising a new type of regime: M. Devasahayam • Masked authoritarianism is not the answer: Pramod Kumar • Staying underground had definite rules: Gita Ramaswamy • Thirty-nine years after it was reduced to rubble, Turkman Gate is anything but picture perfect REGULARS LETTERS 10 APERITIF 14 POWERPOINT 16 WEIRD WORLD 20 MANI-FESTO 31 FORECAST 84 CHEF'S CHOICE 86 ART TO HEART 92 LAST WORD 100 NEXT WEEK AN ATHLETE'S BATTLE TO BE BACK ON TRACK Publisher: Jacob Mathew. Oberoi's millionaire cli- ents may want to have an exotic dish for breakfast every day, but, sorry, don't include me there! Bold and beautiful I HAVE FALLEN in love with THE WEEK Such bold, honest, informative and beautiful newsmaga- zines are rare to be seen these days. Thomas, Abhinav Singh (Bengaluru), Sharmista Chaudhury (Mumbai), Shweta Thakur Nanda (Delhi), Swagata Ramamoorthy Yadavar (Mumbai), Anjuly Mathai (Kochi) Correspondent: Vandana (Delhi) Chief Reporter: UAE: Jaimon George, Dubai Photo Editor: T. PHOTO BY AMEY MANSABDAR The immodesty of women is the cause behind earthquakes, infla- tion and other kinds of disasters.

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With the median age being 27, India needs reminding about our darkest days post- independence. Immediately after Nayar was released from jail, my father invited him to Kerala to inaugurate a photo exhibition. Today's factory farming methods are so cruel— mil- lions of live chickens are chopped and crushed through machines. Joy Senior Subeditors: Susamma Kurian, Viji Rajan, Navin J. They strive not to fall while performing, but couldn't resist falling in love.

Printed at Malayala Manorama Press, Kottayam, Print House India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, M. *Responsible for selection of news under the PRB Act. Focus/Infocus features are marketing initiatives Incredible India I ! THE WEEK, in the recent years, has encouraged honest criticism. Narayan Chief Photographers: Arvind Jain, Sanjay Ahlawat (Delhi), Janak Bhat (Mumbai), Bhanu Prakash Chandra (Bengaluru), Salil Bera (Kolkata) Senior Photographer: Amey Suhas Mansabdar (Mumbai) Photographer: Aayush Goel (Delhi) Senior Picture Coordinator: Bimal Nath C. Women wearing jeans are to be blamed for the deteriorating security situation in Pakistan.

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