I want to work for vidochat in london

24-Sep-2017 04:14

“I did all the nasty tests they could do, but nothing showed any signs of inflammation or anything that would be treatable,” says Merikoski.“I was just handed a huge leaflet listing about a hundred different foods that you’re not allowed to eat if you have IBS.” Merikoski was left to do a lot of experimenting, so she could uncover the right nutritional approach.For Taru Merikoski, who was living in Finland and doing project management for an HR and recruitment company, that lifestyle, combined with having chronic digestive problems, was “not pleasant.” According to Merikoski, “when your gut is not in balance, it drains the life out of you.

When someone is a project manager for client-facing teams that do a lot of travel, it’s a given that there’s lots to juggle.When she had the opportunity to move to the United Kingdom two years ago, it was the push she needed to make helping others with cryptic digestive issues her profession—“I started studying nutrition and I haven’t looked back,” says Merikoski.