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Their story never fully took hold emotionally in this Cliffs Notes version.The cast members were called to take on multiple roles — none more than Lisa Bruneau, who had a virtuosic tour de force as no fewer than 11 characters, including Tybalt, and was in some ways the most distinctive figure onstage.Louis Butelli was less successful in playing the Nurse and Friar Laurence, which meant he sometimes had to engage in dialogue with himself, making comic figures of both in the process.Alsop is good at the big, energetic gesture, and in many ways Prokofiev’s score plays to her strengths, even if the gentler passages were sometimes a bit fussy. I just wished I had been able to hear more of them.MGM was a little apprehensive about allowing director George Cukor to make this film, afraid that it would not appeal to the masses.In the end, people either loved or hated it, with some of them believing it was too over the top and artistic and the actors too old; however, others enjoyed it such as The New York Times’ Frank S.Well, she has teamed up with Corden once more, this time for a 'Romeo and Juliet' remake, and we're obsessed.

His gifted boy players took the female roles and Shakespeare must have been confident of the youth playing Juliet to entrust to him so much of the play's chance of success.Nugent who wrote ‘romance glows and sparkles and gleams with breathless radiance.’ While it wasn’t a runaway hit, it did receive four Oscar nominations.Originally directing operas, Franco Zeffirelli decided to tackle Romeo and Juliet as his first Shakespeare production on the professional level.“I’m not crazy about the music,” the woman behind me told her companion after intermission. Throughout the evening, one strained to hear the words through the music or the music over the words or struggled with the dislocating sensation of having the words say one thing while the music appeared to be saying something else.

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The music was by Prokofiev, the words by Shakespeare, and both score and text are among the most beloved works by their respective creators: “Romeo and Juliet.” But playing two works at the same time creates interference that neither the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra under Marin Alsop nor a fine set of actors under the auspices of the Folger Theatre and director Edward Berkeley could resolve in a performance at Strathmore in North Bethesda on Saturday night.was a popular success in its day: '..hath been often (with great applause) plaid publiquely'.