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The above depiction of Jane Austen has already sent shudders down the corsets of her fans worldwide, for this little-known side to the early 19th-century author is the subject of a new BBC costume drama, Miss Austen Regrets.But the facts about the author's life are in short supply as Austen (playedby Olivia Williams in the film) never wrote a memoir, never sat for an interview and never recorded whether she herself had felt the joys and disappointments of the love about which she writes.The real Jane mixed frequently with friends and neighbours, and read novels (often her own) aloud with her family in the evenings.

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But Hughes says: 'Although it seems as if the world's foremost writer of love stories was writing out of apparently no experience, when you look closely, you realise she did have experience - not a bodice-ripping, sexual experience, as I'm sure she died a virgin, but a clear emotional experience of at least three men.' In an era when, had Jane married and had children, she would never have had time for her writing, she says: 'Thank goodness she didn't get married or have kids.It is not simply the tale of Austen's life, which began in Hampshire with her six brothers and sister in a family on the lower fringes of gentry.