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And this con-' mderation being expressly stated so as to show their design ta Ip^ake a gratuity or gift, no other different consideration can just-' \y be raised by implicadon arising out of the writing or other cir- Mmstattces. It was their right, to have the motive or con- sideration upon which they subscribed, expressed.

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Refrain from automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. It is givii^ to the whole transaction a character different fix^m what it imports on the face of it, and different fixm what every subscriber has a right to consider it. Indeed, we find ourselves disagreed in jaothing but the mode of arriving at the same conclusion upon one of the points to be decided.Dates of business cycle turning points are a critical input for academic and policy work in macroeconomics.In this paper, we use contemporary techniques to date the Indian business cycle in the post reform period. It certainly was not the intentic Hi of the defendants to force upon thq corporation a greater sum than the exigencies of the Institu- Digitized by Google SOO CASES IN THE SUPREME COURT Addlgop If it turns out that the writing does not import a legal Qontract, they oannot be charged by vktue of it, directly or indireeily. 254, before cited — the suit was upon a note f^yea on a subscription-paper signed by the defendant and other Sf promising to pay a certain sum to the deacons of a church for the purpose of oreating a permanent fund, &r the benefit of die church. "On the last objection the court gave no opinion* JSuttbey considered the two former ones well founded, and on io^igrooods set aside the verdict." In Lmerick Academy vs. Rep, 113, brfore cited — the written subscrip- tion on which the suit was brought was very similar to the one QEVW under consideration* Two objections were raised by the defendant. That the Corporation was not in existence at -the time the promise was made. That the promise was void for warn of a osasideration. Mnu, Laomu.) that the subsequent conduct of the defendant was equivalent to a request to have the money expended in the erection of the building. Dam Sf the promise was made with a view to the erec- tion of the Academy, and for that sole purpose.

When this condition was performed, the subscribers became debtors to the plaintiffiu And certainly, no injustice is done by an equal reduction among theai. That the promise was void for want of a consideration. That die deacons of the church had no authority to receive mon- ey for the church. That the Plaintifis in the case were not kgally deacons. And in the last case the re- Digitized by Google S06 CASES IN THE SUPREME COURT Addison, January, 1828, i covery was had' upon the ground Jfiddlebwy Coliv M.

An array of robustness checks are employed, using diverse methods. This work helps lay the foundations for downstream macroeconomic research in academics and government.

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