Outback jack dating show

25-Oct-2017 17:21

So even winning Jack involves a serious element of chance.

One of the twelve lovely risk-takers is Shannon Emerson, a 1995 Astronaut High School graduate who moved to Titusville with her parents when she was 12.

"I truly feel I will bring to Titusville the statesmanship and dignity coupled with knowledge and expertise in local government of which Titusville is worthy," states Yount.

A resident of Titusville since 2002, Yount moved to North Brevard from Palm Beach County, where she accumulated an extraordinary resume of public service, spanning four decades.

It's not a good way to teach young people about dating, or about life.

Nonetheless, an open mind and an unlocked remote are in order for the new TBS dating show "Outback Jack." This is because the show has a healthy injection of humor: they have selected a bevy of beautiful, high-maintenance women and surprised them by literally dropping them (by parachute) into the Australian Outback without their essential makeup, curling irons and dry cleaning service.

Jack, who was selected for the show after a friend sent in his application, may or may not be destined for stardom at series end.

Wanting to be introduced and known as a stateswoman and not a politician, Anita "Pinky" Yount has filed all the necessary paperwork June 17 to have her name added to the ballot in the 2004 Titusville mayoral race.

But, Yount makes it clear that she is not "opposing" anyone, but seeking the seat of Mayor in honor of what she can offer the citizens of Titusville.

Emerson works as a mortgage broker by day and as a bartender at Roxy's in Orlando on the weekends.

It was at the bar at Roxy's that a representative of Nash Entertainment recruited her for the show."It was an Army issue tent, a cot, no electricity, and no hot water." Water for cold showers had to be pumped by a castmate, while the television crew wandered around the shower booth.