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The local people consider him as a popular folk hero.

When a Chinese pilgrim, Hiun-Tsang, visited this area, it was under the control of Raja Durlabhavardhana, the ruler of Kashmir.

Mehmood of Ghazni defeated Raja Jayapala during his first campaign.

However, there is no historical evidence that Mehmood of Ghazni ever visited or passed through Mansehra.

Hazara remained part of the Afghan Durrani Empire from the mid-18th to the early 19th centuries.

Durranis considered it wise to rule the region through the local tribal chiefs.

Abbott managed to secure and pacify the area within a year.

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The name Hazara has also been derived from Urasā, or 'Urasha', an ancient Sanskrit name for this region, according to Aurel Stein. Its name means 'the hill of salvation' and on its summit is a Panduan da Sthan, or place of the Pandavas, where it is said they were visited and tempted by Apsaras who still frequent the place .Arrian, Alexander's historian, did not indicate the exact location of Embolina, but since it is known that Aoronos was on the right bank of the River Indus, the town chosen to serve as Alexander's base of supplies may with good reason be also looked for there.

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