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Called UBoat RAT, and distributed through Google Drive links, the RAT obtains its command and control (C&C) address from Git Hub and uses Microsoft Windows Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) to maintain persistence.The malware was initially spotted in May 2017, when it was a simple HTTP backdoor using a public blog service in Hong Kong and a compromised web server in Japan for C&C.The C&C address and the destination port are hidden in a file hosted on Git Hub, and the malware accesses the file using a specific URL.A custom C&C protocol is employed for communication with the attackers server.The malware uses the Microsoft Windows Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) a service for transferring files between machines for persistence.BITS jobs can be created and monitored via the command-line tool, which offers an option to execute a program when the job finishes transferring data or is in error, and UBoat RAT uses this option to run on the system even after reboot.Techniques used included smartphones or laptop computers that couldn't be traced back to the company, and communicating through encrypted, vanishing message service Wickr, according to the letter and a transcript of courtroom testimony obtained by AFP.

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This should address the issue until Apple releases another update.The malware is delivered through a ZIP archive hosted on Google Drive and containing a malicious executable file disguised as a folder or a Microsoft Excel spread sheet.