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18-Sep-2017 15:56

At some point today, did you get decorating ideas on Houzz? Kick your boyfriend's butt at Assassin's Creed? The staggering imbalance, many insiders say, perpetuates a "brogrammer" culture, where some badly behaved men ostracize, intimidate, and even harass their female colleagues. Technology is an amazing—and amazingly challenging—field for women, but when Genevieve Field went behind the scenes to talk to women, she got the ultimate crash course in career confidence. (Entrepreneurs and programmers Adi Tatarko, Sara Haider, Jade Raymond, and Susan Wojcicki, respectively, helped build and grow those juggernauts.)So what's it like to be a woman inside the tech revolution? Women make up only 26 percent of the computing workforce, and only 18 percent of undergraduate computer science degree recipients today are women—a number that's from a high of 37 percent in 1985.I can't say that I have met one person out in LA who thinks the dating scene is NOT atrocious. (Next to my Tony Gwynn Bobble Head at my parent's house.) On the heels of my Pulitzer-nominated piece on the , let me make something clear - being in a relationship and being single are FAR easier than trying to date with the intentions of relationship status.

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The frog and the Beast magically turn into pretty good-looking dudes - am I right, or am I right? In Los Angeles, hot females can be found by the boatload.

The only problem in SV is that the women are just not that attractive.