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Alternative Families and Relationships is that it’s that rare, good self-help book, like that rare good friend, the one who gives you advice that actually works to get you what you want (not just what’s “best” for you, but what you want! Janet and Dossie (longtime lovers, best friends, and collaborators who have never lived together, and have continued their partnership through many other relationships) think I’m completely wonderful and fantastic just the way I am, not in some dumb “be all that you can be” way, but because they think people in general are pretty great. They think there are people out there who would love to connect with me and be in my life.

They don’t think anything about me is defective, at all.

When you figure out what you want and ask for it, you’ll be surprised how often the answer is ‘yes.’” : “What we can all learn from transgender people is that gender is malleable…

If you think this doesn’t apply to you, that you are certain of your gender and that it’s immutable, please consider that a great many people are born with characteristics of both genders: depending on whose definition you use, anywhere from two to seventeen babies out of a thousand are born with chromosomes and/or genitalia that place them somewhere between the extremes of the gender continuum.

Living in the US has become more expensive, while wages just have not kept up. Imagine if you could change all that by adding another partner to your relationship and to your household. What the word means to one person may not mean the same thing to another.

With some love, planning and communication, you could successfully have money for all of your wants and needs as well as divide up responsibilities to find time for each other, personal interests, and children (if desired). The following list references several sources and their concept of the term: Long-term, romantically committed, multiple partner relationship.

They don’t even think all the weird, complicated, impossible things I want mean that something is wrong with me.

They don’t want me to for anything, sexually or otherwise, although they would like me to toss any kind of checklist out the window and open my mind and heart to connecting with people who might not fit into a tired, misguided ideal of beauty or success.

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And we have had intercourse that didn’t feel terrible sexual.Here you will find basic information on what polyamory is, frequently asked questions, polyamory terminology, poly professionals, polyamory in the news and much more.By now, you've probably known someone that's been laid off, had their pay cut, or is dealing with a serious loss in value on their home, if not foreclosure.Gender-queer people -- those who choose to live their lives somewhere between the usual gender roles -- are softening the boundaries of gender and demonstrating what life without binary gender might look like.” Yes! : “We believe that monogamy will continue to thrive as it always has, a perfectly valid choice for those who truly choose it.

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(We don’t think it’s much of a choice when you are forbidden to choose anything else.)” : “Are you having sex right now? We think that the question of when you’re having sex is actually sort of meaningless.

Our best definition here is that sex is whatever the people engaging in it think it is.” : “When you sit down to write a book about sex, as we hope you one day will, you will discover that centuries of censorship have left us with very little adequate language with which to discuss the joys and occasional worries of sex.” Janet and Dossie want me to write my own book about sex, and I can tell they really mean it! : “We want to create a world where everyone has plenty of what they need: of community, of connection, of touch and sex and love…

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