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After a successful mission, Commander White takes 2B to her office and after a performance review, they have a performance of their own, a performance to relieve each other's stress and indulge in some R&R of the sexy kind. -HAITUS-Bardock and Gine were two souls lost in the depravity that had taken over Vegetasei under the rule of Lord Frieza.

Follow their story as they find each other, fall in love and start a family that will one day lead to the downfall of their tyrannical ruler and the salvation of the universe.

How did Mario and Luigi end up in the Mushroom Kingdom from New York? Now, after two children, heartache, and subsequent years of separation, they might have a second chance.

Can Peach and her subjects fair on their own in the aftermath of the Mushroom War? [Gochi] G/CCWith his enemies gone, Sasuke back in the village and a beautiful Fiancée, Naruto could say he had it all! Unable to draw the fact that the man she adored for years was to be wed to another woman, she pursues out a certain Uchiha to make her forget. (Companion piece to 'Through the Headlines')What would Korra and Asami's relationship look like to a random citizen of Republic City? This a look at their relationship from the point of view of the press, a look through the headlines.

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But what she lacks in her chest, she makes up for in other ways.

A certain fifth dimensional imp is fed up with how a certain other universe is treating some of their key inhabitants and decides to do something about it. While heading back to their hotel, they get lost in dark alley and abducted by a sex slavery ring that operates below Kumogakure.

Warning: Marvel Bashing, especially in the earlier chapters. However the reason they chose to target these specific Hyuga goes back to an old conflict between the two villages...

At first, she hated the fact that her mother uses her body for pleasure, but now she enjoys it and can't get enough of her.

The first story of a new series that I am working on called: Naruko Yuri/Futa Sex Slave Saga. Hinata Hyuga is on a sole mission for the fifth Hokage on her way back she stumbles upon a massacre by four powerful S class rogue nins, namely the Akatsuki will she escape their clutches or become their toy...This version of Spider-Man 3 incorporates some of the movie elements that actually worked with the film, but mostly contains original fiction from myself. The Kumo kidnapping of Hinata was successful however she was not alone. Now in his own time, he is tormented by his memories of her.

And it’s easy to get started: upload a few snaps from your Facebook profile, add an optional bio, and start swiping through other users in your area.… continue reading »

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