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Manning meet a patient, who is in need of a kidney transplant. Meanwhile, April finds out that she is pregnant but fears her TB treatment will harm her baby. Much to Tate's dismay, April gets pulled into working an extra shift. Rhodes to the hospital to tend to a panda bear that needs surgery and Dr. Reese tries to connect with the patient, but fails. Also, April makes a serious decision about her relationship following her miscarriage. Halstead makes quick and difficult decisions when tending to a patient who was also his mentor in medical school. Rhodes performs a risky surgery on a young boy as an alternative to amputating his arm. Also, Maggie takes an aggressive route when training a new nursing student and Dr. Chaos hits the hospital when the computer system gets hacked by an unknown source that asks for a ransom to bring it back online. Everyone feels the effects of working the graveyard shift. Reese is forced to make multiple death notifications to patients' families. Charles tend to a patient whose daughter has similar symptoms with no physiological cause. Choi and Jeff are put in a dangerous situation when they X-ray their patient and find out that he has a loaded gun up his rectum; Dr. Stohl follows him around with a camera whilst filming a promotional spot for the hospital and Dr. Rhodes that he has been recently diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Manning treats a young cancer patient who has not been receiving his chemotherapy prescription, but later discovers that, by not taking his medication, the boy's immune system has become strong enough to fight the cancer itself. The staff at Gaffney Medical Center mourn the loss of one of their own after a suicide. Manning deals with a boy who fell into a freezing river. Reese tend to a patient who denies having suicidal tendencies. Reese receives devastating news that her patient Danny has died and Dr. Manning which leads Natalie to end their relationship. Latham take a trip to another hospital to perform a rare medical procedure. Halstead force a patient to make a decision on whether her son or her nephew will receive a blood transfusion. Choi tends to a burn victim whose condition is deteriorating and tries to see through his dying wish to say goodbye to his wife. Rhodes is forced to do an emergency cesarean section on a hemorrhaging patient and Dr. Manning treat a paraplegic and discover that he is using an experimental treatment to try and reverse his paralysis. Reese tends to a patient who helps out people in need. Manning treats a comatose patient who was sexually abused and is now pregnant, but later discovers that the patient has been in a paralyzed state after a suspected stroke. Choi does everything he can to prevent a fight from breaking out when he treats two MMA fighters. Also, April discovers her TB medication may be affecting her pregnancy and Jeff shares a secret with Dr. Rhodes' help in admitting his overbearing father against his wishes due to a failing heart. Choi deals with a teenage patient who desperately needs to control his sexual urges. Manning and Jeff Clarke tend to a child who they discover has been neglected by his over worked mother. Elsa and Jack are browsing the internet searching for what their friends are doing this Christmas. See where love takes you in this super fun game called Elsa And Barbie Blind Date!Elsa And Barbie are best friends and they decided to go on a super fun dating adventure together, and what could b...

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These great girls are going on a great ice adventure. Barbie adores the vintage floral trend and as she was invited to a cocktail party, she decid... Elsa and Tiana are good friends and they want to share their top healthy lifestyle tips with you. Reese perform the psychiatric evaluation on his daughter Robyn as a means of keeping his nose in the entire process. Choi gets tough on April's brother Noah when a residency opens up.

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